From mid-April until mid-September of 2017, Gerard will be traveling around Canada. He'll be doing some comic work along the way, but also some traditional media work like charcoals and watercolours, as well as some photography. He'll be financing the trip as he goes, with money that he makes from the many things that he does, so you might see him selling stuff in your town.

If you're interested in getting some original artwork, whether that's pencil sketches or watercolour paintings, you should really check out his Patreon page and consider getting a surprise piece of artwork per month! If you're interested in any of the rest of his work, you can get it from the Etsy store, or possibly in person when he's in your neck of the woods. Haven't quite confirmed that just yet, but if you head over to Facebook you can probably find out when he decides.

Either way, happy travels!