If you see a house-sized rock in the middle of a prairie field, you might be near Okotoks, AB. You might see a bunch of people ignoring the fence around it. You might even see someone bouldering on it.

I don't have anything else exciting to add. I mean, sure, it's neat that the rock used to live in Jasper, and a glacier deposited it there, but geology has always been on too long of a timeframe for me to really appreciate.  If you're into that sort of thing, though, you should totally check out the Okotoks Erratic.

And if you're not, you can at least marvel at a giant rock in the middle of an otherwise empty field.

Nobody wants to camp in April, apparently. At least not in Kananaskis country. If you're looking to camp for free on Crown Land (In Alberta, a PLUZ - Public Land Use Zone), you have some limitations. Many of the roads are closed due to the time of year, so if you want to camp in the Cataract PLUZ or the southern Kananasis PLUZ you are mostly forced to abandon your car on the shoulder of the highway and hike into the hills. We managed to track down one spot in Cataract, but I’m pretty sure that we weren’t supposed to be there. McLean PLUZ was a better option. We ended up paying ($26) to be in an otherwise empty campground, but there were launch points where we could have at least gotten the car off the road.

It’s early days for the trip. We left late and I just wanted a place where I could be a bit comfortable. But it’s empty. No water access at this campground, so it would be down to filtering runoff or melting snow if we needed it.

It was cold. Below freezing overnight. Our sleeping gear was still comfortable, though, so we've got that going for us. It rained one night. The rainfly was covered with thousands of tiny, frozen raindrops in the morning.

This isn't the best time of the year for this.