I’m in Cowichan Bay, sitting in an old fishing boat. It’s raining, and the tarps covering the deck aren’t enough to keep water from coming into the boat. A few buckets here and there, some frying pans and cut up cans, and we’ve got it covered, for now. The owner bought it as a fixer-upper, and I can kind of see the appeal. Less than 20 minutes after I got here I wanted to dig out the tools and tear it apart to fix it up. Marina fees are better than rent and while I don’t know how much this boat cost, you could make it pretty nice and livable, bit by bit, for less than $5K, I think. Don’t get me wrong, fixing the whole thing would be a lot more than that, but I’ve been here a few days and it’s not like I’m dead yet.

Just a bit damp.

We started the trip in a car — a 2010 Nissan Versa Hatchback — and will probably finish the trip in it as well. It was what we had handy, and it’s good on gas, and that’s a priority. But not having higher clearance has been more limiting than I was expecting and trying to set up and take down a tent daily is more of an effort than I expected. I don’t have any problems sleeping in a tent and never really understood the people who need a trailer, but I find myself checking autotrader.ca and seeing how much a 4x4 would cost, and mentally add on how much it would cost me to put a custom box-bed trailer in there.

It’s not at all related to what I’m supposed to be doing here, and all I want to do is get some tools and wood and start engineering and building a solution to all my problems. Make it easier to sit and work. Give me a little bubble. Make it easier to stay on a timeframe. I’m sure it wouldn’t be that simple, though. I’m sure there are issues that I’m not thinking of with the trailer whether that’s the time collapsing it down for height, or additional weight and fuel concerns. Without having a lot of extra time and money laying around, it’s a waste of time to have this on my mind.

It just seems like a waste that my mind is insistent on right now.